Image by Heather Voigt Photography

Image by Heather Voigt Photography

I am a Award-Winning Photographic Artist with over 15 years Experience with a camera in my hands.

YOU are the medium with which I create Art. YOU are my Paint, my Clay, the very thing that draws such Inspiration that no two images in all my time as an Artist are the same.

I see YOU. Your Curves, Lines, Shapes and Silhouettes. I craft a version of You, that makes You Stop, and sit quietly, before You Smile … because in that moment, You see a Different YOU.

I believe that loving yourself, your look and your body is fundamental to your sense of self. I am skilled at posing and composition, and creating imaginative visual Art that transforms you, and how you identify with yourself, in a way you never thought possible.

I work with Women, Men and Couples. My Clients range in age from 20 to well into their 70s. Size is a number, so is height … and it’s irrelevant.

I am a Mother, Wife and Friend, with plenty of life experience under my belt, and no doubt, plenty to come. I have worked hard for the Accolades I’ve attained in this Industry. I continue to work hard towards, and to achieve, the ever changing and immeasurable goals and standards I set for myself for the future.

You will find me Compassionate, Caring, Humble and above all Genuine.

Sessions are an Empowering and Luxury Experience.  You will be Pampered from the moment you arrive at Finest Courtier.   My Team of Award-winning Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists primp and prepare you for your boudoir experience in the privacy of our studio.  We will guide you every step of the way, including selecting clothing, lingerie and accessories. Every session is unique and tailored to your needs and comfort.

The Studio is bright, airy and private.  We have ample off-road free parking, wifi, a private bathroom / changing room, refreshments, and a growing collection of wardrobe items to borrow.

All hair and makeup services are provided on-site so you can relax!

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We used to be called Courtier Boudoir, but changed our name to Finest Courtier to stop our Social Media pages being closed down along with other businesses that use the word ‘Boudoir’.